Veggie Caps

Each vegetable capsule contains 300mg of 75 pure plant derived minerals.

You might not be surprised to learn that you must give your body all the raw materials it requires to maintain and renew itself in order to enjoy a healthy and disease free body. Yet so many people on the planet are suffering needlessly because they simply don’t know why or how. Also, the raw natural nutrients so vital to your health can be challenging to find.

Many years of commercial farming, food processing, mining, irrigation, pesticides, synthetic additives and acid rain have destroyed and removed the life-giving minerals from our soil. Mineral deficient soils are then used to grow and cultivate our food. Obviously, if the life-giving minerals are not in the soil, they are not in the food and devastatingly they are not in YOU.

In Europe alone the soil our food is grown in contains 72% less minerals than it did 80-100 years ago.

Give your body all the raw materials it requires to maintain and renew itself in order to enjoy a healthy and disease free life.


You can order online, through our Shop portal - alternatively, contact Keith directly to find out more and order your starter/refill packs today.

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Mineral Mania is a supplier and distributor of Simply Naturals products.  If you're looking for a reliable supplier of popular and highly recommended vitamin and mineral supplements, then look no further.  Run by Keith, Mineral Mania prides itself on a no-nonsense personal approach - so feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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